Sunday, March 05, 2006

James Wolcott Liveblogs the Oscars

If you don't read Wolcott everyday , shame on you, you should read him every day, even when he doesn't post.

Regardless, here's a link to his take on the Oscars.

Now, if only he'd liveblog the Vanity Fair party, now THAT would be worth reading.

Jon Stewart at the Oscars

When Jon Stewart was first announced to host the Oscars this was my take:

One wonders what our favorite anti-BS (fake) newsguy will do with all the self-serving sincerity that is tinseltown, but it takes no crystal ball to note that BushCorp™ and friends seem hell bent on providing plenty of material.

So as a prognosticater I was pretty close, Jon was clearly too hip for the room, and he was sure to include the inevitable Dick Cheney joke.

I haven't delved into the blogworlds reaction, yet, though I imagine many are disappointed that he didn't go into any sharper BushCorp™ critiques. My thought is that, professional that he is, Jon (as demonstrated by the opening Last Available Warm Body Montage) just did his job and didn't look to make the show all about him.

I'm guessing Hollywood's reaction will be ho hum. But I laughed anyway.

And the Oscar lobbying, political ad sendups were hysterical.