Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Breaking: Senate Dems force closed session on intelligence

Frustrated by the continued refusal of the Republican dominated Senate to investigate the lies which misled this country, Senate Democrats have called a closed session focused on forcing the investigation.

Frist is livid of course, good.

The Alito nomination is off the cable news channels, good.

Democrats are showing backbone, very, very good.

No Whitehouse comment as yet.

More to come.

Update 1: Dick Durbin's statement on c-span from BarbinMd at Daily Kos:

It's important because we live in a democracy. It is clear now that the American people were not properly informed before the invasion of Iraq. Intelligence information was distorted and misused, and we've seen as late as last week the lengths to which this administration has gone to to silence and discredit their critics of the misuse of this intelligence information. The Republican congress in general and the senate in particular and specifically the Senate Intelligence Committee has been derelict in its responsibility of oversite over this adminustration.

We have gone to war, we have lost over 2000 of our best and bravest, over 15,000 have been seriously wounded and we are spending over 6 billion a month with no end in sight and this GOP Senate Intelligence Committee refuses to even ask the hard questions about the misinformation and disinformation given to the American peope and the efforts by this administratin to cover it up.The purpose of this closed session in the Senate chamber, a historic session I might add, is to finally give the truth to at least the members of the Senate to finally call to task the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committe, to hold him responsible for finally investigating as he's promised for over a year. [Emphasis min-CK]

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