Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Iraq war victim: Ahghanistan

Only infrequently cited as a major victim of BushCorp™'s disasterous Iraqi misadventure, our failure to secure Afghanistan is once again attempting to break into the public consciousness.

For resurgent Democrats, decrying Afghanistan as a job undone represents a way to express their willingness to fight a just war, while simultaneously expressing their dismay over the calamity in Iraq, an issue John Kerry tried, unsuccesfully, to focus on in 2004.

But with congressional Democrats feeling their oats after the 2006 elections and with Democratic candidates on the trail stumping daily, the much overlooked locale of what BushCorp™ sees as the jewel of its foreign policy is finally being recognized as the cheap glass bauble it really is.

So one hopes that today's attempt by a suicide bomber to reach visiting veep Darth Cheney at Bagram Air Base north of Kabul might be enough to pierce BushCorp™'s titanium bubble.

Though I suspect it will do little to effect the misallocation of resources that is our occupation of Iraq

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