Friday, August 31, 2007

Republicans go on record against mother's milk

Lest you forget that GOP protestations of patriotism are limited to war at the expense of any other American values like, say, liberty, or the rule of law, it's now official: Republicans are against breast-feeding:

In an attempt to raise the nation's historically low rate of breast-feeding, federal health officials commissioned an attention-grabbing advertising campaign a few years ago to convince mothers that their babies faced real health risks if they did not breast-feed. It featured striking photos of insulin syringes and asthma inhalers topped with rubber nipples.

Plans to run these blunt ads infuriated the politically powerful infant formula industry, which hired a former chairman of the Republican National Committee and a former top regulatory official to lobby the Health and Human Services Department. Not long afterward, department political appointees toned down the campaign.

So, in an effort to assuage their corporate masters, the GOP has come out against mom.

Next on the agenda, government reports touting the benefits of mock-apple pie and tee-ball?

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