Thursday, January 03, 2008


I'm sick (just a cold), and Mrs. C is very ill (all positive thoughts accepted gladly), but somehow I feel better than I have for months.

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Anonymous said...

I am Mrs. Calibogger.

Much of the past 8 years Mr.Caliblogger and I have been together as lovers, marriage partners and strong believers of the original struggle for freedom in this country. As any of you that have followed this blog, you are aware that I have been ill for as many years as we have been together. Remarkably, these illnesses have become a gift.

I have been swallowed into the mouth of the HMO snake, therefore I am fortunate to come out alive.

And here is why. I had a failing gall bladder. The initial symtoms were severe pain in my upper right back. The rib area. Eventually the pain moved into the right front under the ribs. I have had rib injuries in the past, so I was very
sure this was not that type of injury. It felt like something was wrong underneath.

Initially I went to a Chiropractor who diagnosed I had a gallbladder problem. The pain finally became unbearable and since I was insured by an HMO my only option was to see my PCP. He diagnosed gall bladder, sent me to the hospital for 2 tests. The tests came up negative, I was sent home with a prescrition for 20 painkillers. This was July of 2007.

It is getting late. The short version is I decided to move to Palm Desert because the doctors here are much more proficient.

I learned after moving here that the tests I was given in LA were not all the proper tests that one should be given under these circumstances.

Longer story short - I ended up in surgury for a bad gall bladder,
died on the table from respitory failure, got sepsis and double pnuenomia and was in ICU for 3 weeks.

No one deserves this. I believe I have the righ to sue.

To make a very long story short, my gall baddler was no longer functioning. You must understand that this is an extremely painful condition. If and when a person under these conditions can stand up and walk,it is a miracle.

Unfortunately the only way my condition was discovered was becaused an excellent doctor swore to me he would get to the bottom of my matter what. He was the fourth doctor I had gone to. Prior to meeing this doctor I had undergone several medical tests.

This man ordered a test that I believe now to be somewhat standard. However, the other three doctors only ordered what I believe to be minimal tests.

Gall bladder disease is diagnosible, even under the worse conditions....if given the right tests. Because of a generation that I was unfortunate to be a part of, every Dr. I saw believed that I was just trying to get narcotics.

I was a part of the '70s and '80s culture which was a drug abusive era. I have come to learn that the medical community believes that persons of my age spend every effort to get illegal or prescription drugs.

I would like to note that I am 52 years old.