Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No, Obama's not that funny, but then neither is Maureen

OK, I get it.

After 7 years of a buffoon-in-chief in the form of GW, preceded by 8 years of Bill Clinton's tastes for both cheeseburgers and cheesy interns, the press has gotten used to an easily mock-able President.

So I suppose Maureen Dowd's lament over the lack of humor emanating from the Obama campaign is understandable. (Not that it's impossible to find. As Andy Borowitz demonstrates, even a lack of humor can be funny.)

But I don't see that Obama needs to be anything other than who and how he is, even at the risk of the "regular guy"-ness that people like Dowd insist we plebes crave. I, for one, don't want anyone approaching "regular" sitting in the Oval office come January. Nope, the person I want, and the country clearly needs as President should be exceptional, intelligent and, horror of horrors, serious.

The pundits and comedians are just going to have to work for their laughs this time around.

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