Friday, August 29, 2008

More on McCain-Palin


Just had to give myself a few moments to let the thought of this sink in. Some random thoughts.

  1. Once again the Republicans have shown they are are not serious about governing this country. Only about trying to win elections.
  2. McCain has shown, not his Maverickness (that would have meant Joe Lieberman as veep), rather he has further demonstrated that candidate McCain has truly gained ascendancy over senator McCain.
  3. Despite the closeness of current polls, McCain's Rovian advisers have recognized as well as Bill Clinton did in his speech, that the winds of history are against them. The flop sweat of their desperation is palpable.
  4. Any extant Hillary dead-enders have just gotten exactly the candidate they deserve.
  5. After watching Lindsay Graham try to defend Palin the best he could come up with: she's not as corrupt as Ted Stevens, she's not as gullible as George W. Bush.
  6. Well, they certainly did change the cable conversation form Obama's acceptance speech: Mission Accomplished!

I, um, may, have more to say on this later.

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