Monday, September 15, 2008

John McCain: Unserious or Delusional?

As a recovering sufferer of Palin addiction, I'd like to expand (a little bit) on the thoughts of my previous post.

In truth Sarah Palin is only symptomatic of the problems I have with the McCain candidacy.

Though a longtime liberal, I once admired John McCain's apparent honor and integrity, though never someone I'd vote for, certainly he seemed someone I could work with. But for reasons best known to himself he has decided to abandon the persona grown through years of public service and succumbed to the blandishments of the worst elements of the GOP attack machine.

By choosing Governor Palin as his Veep John McCain has demonstrated that he is either unserious about the job of being president, or, he is delusional.

A serious John McCain would have recognized that as a 72 year old man with a history of melanoma, his VP would need to be someone who, in cold-blooded fact, needs to be someone who is as ready to assume the presidency as anyone can be on "day 1".

Sarah Palin is a virtual antithesis of such a person.

The other possibility is that John McCain is delusional: he simply doesn't believe he's going to die.

Either way, he's unfit to serve and so, as I said, Sarah Palin is only a symptom, John McCain is the disease.

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