Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Just added to blogroll

A few months ago I cited a wonderful comment about an American Arab family immediately after the events of 9/11:

The weekend after 9/11 the Mannions went apple picking at an orchard near where we lived in Syracuse. At the orchard we saw two of the bravest people in America that week. A husband and wife, both obviously Middle Eastern, devout Muslims---she was in her chador---carrying a bushel basket of apples between them.

I'm sure that a lot of people looked twice and even three times at them, but I'm also sure that just about everybody who did did what I did, smiled and said to themselves, Good for them.

The author, Lance Mannion, isn't a purely political writer, and his posts cover a wide range indeed, but his observations are uniformly pithy, and writing entertaining.

For an example, check out this recent post: How to be morally superior to a Liberal

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