Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Racism and rescue

Much has been made of late of the fact that the faces of those left stranded by Katrina were uniformly black.

Charges of racism have been followed by the inevitable BushCorp™ denials.

Now I'm not suggesting a thought anything like: "Oh just black people are at risk, why bother?" ever passed through the mind of anyone involved in rescue operations.

But is it any wonder that a poor black district failed to win sufficient federal funding to shore up levees well-known to be vulnerable?

Is it any wonder that upperclass politicians didn't immediately realize that just warning that it's time to get out of a threatened area isn't sufficient? That some people don't have the means to just pick up and leave?

Is it any wonder that the plight of impoverished (pre-dominately minority) groups registers little, if at all with self-satisfied, well-fed politicians?

Is it any wonder?

If you still doubt that race and poverty played their parts in this tragedy consider this: Had thousands of wealthy white people been at such risk, would it have taken the president 2 days to even hear about it?

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T.L. Stanley said...

This is a good post. I am not quite sure that racism played a part in the recues. Many white people have volunteered to help out, but there has not been a coordinated effort.

Regardless of all the excuses now being presented, President Bush could have acted quickly by nationalizing all troops for this emergency. I will give Bush the benefit of the doubt and say, he and his administration cannot manage a government response.

He has now taken responsibility for his inaction. Thank goodness he now understands that his administration is poorly managed.

I hope Bush is not in charge of a national response when we have our next major earthquake.

Furthermore, Republicans and Democrats in Washington need to put their heads together and organize a more effective plan for future emergencies. We need to move from the blame game to fixing the problem.

When things went wrong in my large company, the first thing we did was find out what caused the problem and then move quickly to make sure it did not happen again. I am sure it is more difficult on a national scale. However, FDR and Harry S. Truman would have already fired the incompetents and developed a more effective plan to address national emergencies.

Gosh, I got worked up again. I can't help myself sometimes. Take care.