Monday, October 17, 2005

Rise of the RSC

From the Washington Post:

[T]he Republican Study Committee, or RSC -- has gained the upper hand because of DeLay's criminal indictment in Texas, widespread criticism of the Republicans' handling of Hurricane Katrina, and uncertainty over the future of the leadership, according to lawmakers and aides.

Now, cutting the budget -- which only months ago seemed far from possible -- is at the center of the agenda in the House.

The return of Republican fiscal conservatives, ya gotta love it, seriously.

Sure, being Republicans and all, the RSC wants to move towards a balanced budget by cutting assistance to those among us least able to do without such assistance, the poor and the sick. And sure fiscal sanity might be more equitably be acheived by eliminating Bush's tax cuts for the top .01% of the wealthiest among us, or by scrapping the most pork laden transportation bill in history, or by cancelling the tax credit payoffs to the mega-rich energy companies. And lets us not forget the $5 billion/ month being poured into the sand in Iraq or a US military budget that rivals spending by the rest of the world combined as possible areas for cuts.

I mean these people are Republicans after all.

Still, at least these folks recognize the insanity of BushCorp™ borrow and spend policy: its destabilizing potential for the global economy, it's incredible callousness towards our children and grandchildren whose responsibility it will be to pay off the costs of Bush's follies.

And happily for Democrats, now that Republicans are beginning to show themselves as just that, we can have a real debate over how to regain fiscal sanity, a goal to which the Bushies have never, apparently, aspired.

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