Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Texas Court Issues Arrest Warrant for DeLay

Don't ya love that headline? From WaPo:

A Texas court today issued an arrest warrant for Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), the powerful former House majority leader, ordering him to appear for booking at a county jail in his home district.

The court in Travis County, Tex., set bail for DeLay at $10,000, and a lawyer for the embattled congressman said it would be posted.

Dick DeGuerin, the lead counsel on DeLay's defense team, said the arrest warrant was "a matter of routine," the Associated Press reported.

However, the defense reportedly had hoped to avoid submitting DeLay, formerly the second-ranking Republican leader in the House, to the fingerprinting and mug shot photography that accompanies a formal arrest.

You know you're in trouble if the best thing the guys on your side can say is that your arrest is a matter of routine.

I mean sure, arrest warrants are routine for gang-bangers and mafiosi, but for Congressmen?

On the other hand, given the current Republican leadership's level of hubris and corruption, perhaps it will become so.

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