Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The best of GOP governance

In today's Washington Post Harold Meyerson observes that incompetence is BushCorp™'s defining feature:

Incompetence is not one of the seven deadly sins, and it's hardly the worst attribute that can be ascribed to George W. Bush. But it is this president's defining attribute. Historians, looking back at the hash that his administration has made of his war in Iraq, his response to Hurricane Katrina and his Medicare drug plan, will have to grapple with how one president could so cosmically botch so many big things -- particularly when most of them were the president's own initiatives.

He follows with a nice rundown on the administration's multitudinous failures. And just in case you're not familiar with the latest:
It's the president's prescription drug plan (Medicare Part D), though, that is his most mind-boggling failure. As was not the case in Iraq or with Katrina, it hasn't had to overcome the opposition of man or nature. Pharmacists are not resisting the program; seniors are not planting car bombs to impede it (not yet, anyway). But in what must be an unforeseen development, people are trying to get their medications covered under the program. Apparently, this is a contingency for which the administration was not prepared, as it has been singularly unable to get its own program up and running.

Initially, Part D's biggest glitch seemed to be the difficulty that seniors encountered in selecting a plan. But since Part D took effect on Jan. 1, the most acute problem has been the plan's failure to cover the 6.2 million low-income seniors whose medications had been covered by Medicaid. On New Year's Day, the new law shifted these people's coverage to private insurers. And all hell broke loose.

Read the whole article, but let me suggest a further conclusion. Bush's failures are not sole the result of incompetence. They are the result of the inherent Republican belief that government is the problem, not the solution, to quote GOP Saint Reagan.

And I must ask my fellow citizens, what sense does it make to put government in the charge of those who hold such a belief?

In many ways then, this is the best GOP government we'll ever have. Think about that.

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