Saturday, January 28, 2006

The ghost of disasters future

New Orleans reconstruction not going that well? I'll try to control my shock.

Nearly five months after Hurricane Katrina swamped New Orleans, President Bush's lofty promises to rebuild the Gulf Coast have been frustrated by bureaucratic failures and competing priorities, a review of events since the hurricane shows.

While the administration can claim some clear progress, Bush's ringing call from New Orleans's Jackson Square on Sept. 15 to "do what it takes" to make the city rise from the waters has not been matched by action, critics at multiple levels of government say, resulting in a record that is largely incomplete as Bush heads into next week's State of the Union address.

This comes as a surprise to no-one, no-one, at least, who has been paying the least attention to BushCorp™'s phenomenal record of incompetence.
The problems include the slow federal cleanup of debris in Mississippi and Louisiana; a lack of authority for Bush's handpicked recovery coordinator, Donald E. Powell; the shortage and poor quality of housing for evacuees; and federal restrictions on reconstruction money and where coastal communities can rebuild.

With the onset of the hurricane season just four months away, there is no agreement on how to rebuild New Orleans, how to pay for that effort or even who is leading the cross-governmental partnership, according to elected leaders. While there is money to restore the city's flood defenses to protect against another Category 3 hurricane, it remains unclear whether merely reinforcing the levees will be enough to draw residents back.

I highly recommend the article for a full rundown of failures.

But it basically boils down to a failure to allocate sufficient resources, a lack of leadership, and a lack of organization.

In other words the typical BushCorp™ modus operandi.

And it light of Bush's pledge to "do what it takes" to rebuild New Orleans, we might well put a new interpretation on his very similar pledge to "stay the course" in Iraq.

My frequently recurring thought is, as always: is it any surprise that people who claim to hate government can't govern?

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