Thursday, April 20, 2006

Whitehouse "shake-up"

Scotty's gone, Bush's brain to be freed up to focus more on politics than on policy (yeah right), but until BushCorp™ manages to let some top officials "seek opportunities in the private sector" or "spend more time with their families" nothing will change, in either the direction of the country, or in the standing (now a new low) of the Bush administration.

Of course the early retirements most beneficial would be that of Bush and his veep themselves. But failing that, the BushCorp™ official who's most obviously outlived his shelf life is Donald Rumsfeld.

Unfortunately, I believe Rummy's here to stay, and I think Josh has the right of it:

With Rumsfeld, or any other cabinet secretary, there's a related problem -- the importance of which has, I think, not been fully appreciated or aired. If Rumsfeld goes, you need to nominate someone else and get them through a senate confirmation. That means an open airing of the disaster of this administration's national security policy. Every particular; all about Iraq. Think how much they don't want that ...

And I'll repeat: Think about how much they don't want that.

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