Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cornered dogs, Part 2

And with rabid dogs, sometimes you have no choice but to put them down (Crooks @ Liars video).

The text of Keith's speech is at his blog here.

More on Keith Olbermann channeling Edward R. Murrow by dmsilev at DailyKos.

Kudos to Keith Olbermann who has truly earned the right to use Murrow's famous sign-off.

My letter to the PTB at MSNBC:

If you believe, as do I, that the press serves no higher purpose than when it speaks truth to power, then Keith Olbermann has fulfilled that duty with his brave and unflinching expose this evening of the intellectual and moral corruption that permeates the current administration.

On rare occasions what I view on the news moves me.

But never have a newsman's words moved me to the extent that Keith's did tonight.

Good night and good luck.

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