Thursday, August 03, 2006

Reality check?

There's been a weird trend in the news over the last few day. And perhaps it's just coincidence, but have you noticed that as the news around the world gets worse and worse, the news on domestic politics seems to get better and better?

Here's what I mean:


  • Iraq continues to drown in civil war.
  • Ahghanistan continues its relapse into Talibanism.
  • Israel promises a broader offensive while Hezbollah's rockets continue to fall.
  • And let's not even mention the latest evidence for global warming.

Meanwhile in the US:
  • US military shows signs it might actually acknowledge the Iraqi debacle for the disaster it is.
  • Kansas voters reject ID proponents' run for the state school board.
  • Progressive, anit-war senatorial candidate Ned Lamont continues his startling run at the seat soon to be vacated by Fox News Democrat Joseph Lieberman.
  • And Tom Delay will continue to be a poster-child for Republican corruption.
So what's going on?

My theory is that, finally, things have gotten so bad that even Americans are starting to pay attention to the realities surrounding them.

And reality, as Steven Colbert famously pointed out, has a decidedly liberal bent.

Or it could just be coincidence.

But a guy can hope.

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