Saturday, November 04, 2006

Army Times to call for Rumsfeld's resignation


One of the true greatnesses of the American experiment is the subsurvience of the military to its civilian leadership.

And make no mistake, this is a value more deeply ingrained in the US military than any other: that they serve at the discretion of the civilian leadership.

And it is a tribute to both the wisdom of our founding fathers, and the unparalleled discipline of our uniformed military that the US has never succumbed to easy choice of military dictatorship, even at the very worst of times.

We may believe our present difficulties in Iraq and with terrorists are a trial. But I cannot believe they come even close to the disasters of, say, the Civil War, or World War II. But even in those most potentially disasterous of times our military has kept faith and served the dictates of its civilian leadership.

But now, though we face a lesser threat than those two disasters, the greater disaster, the more real threat is the leadership of George W. Bush. The failure of leadership I should say.

And it is evidence of the magnitude of that failure that the US military feels the need to call for the replacement of its civilian leadership.

Let us hope that BushCorp's incompetence doesn't provoke a more devastating response.

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