Saturday, November 04, 2006

Nuke Primer Published by GOP

Oh great.

Last March, the federal government set up a Web site to make public a vast archive of Iraqi documents captured during the war. The Bush administration did so under pressure from Congressional Republicans who had said they hoped to “leverage the Internet” to find new evidence of the prewar dangers posed by Saddam Hussein.

But in recent weeks, the site has posted some documents that weapons experts say are a danger themselves: detailed accounts of Iraq’s secret nuclear research before the 1991 Persian Gulf war. The documents, the experts say, constitute a basic guide to building an atom bomb.

So, in a vain effort to prop up their illusory claims that Saddam had WMDs, and over the objections of then DNI John Negroponte, congressional Republicans, with whitehouse backing, got these docs up on the internets.

Just great.

I suppose Bush discovered the error while using the google.

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