Thursday, October 02, 2008

Biden v. Palin, First Thoughts

  1. Most authentic moment by either side: Biden's voice catch rcalling the death of his first wife in that terrible accident.
  2. Promise fulfilled: Palin warned up front that she had no intention of answering any questions she didn't have note cards on.
  3. Speaking of note cards: do you have any idea how that went over with the public. Given my opinions I, of course, think needing to use note cards in a debate about who should be a heartbeat from the presidency is a little, ah, Bush league.
  4. Biden should always have a timer to look at when he's speaking (I thought this during the primary debates as well. When he's forced to be brief he's smart, concise, and much less likely to put his foot in his mouth.
  5. Palin scaled the rather low bar set for her by putting nouns and verbs in proper order when she spoke.
  6. Biden's best (like I said) with a time limit, very strong performance, and excellent self-control (I only noticed one peeved galnce at his opponent).
  7. Outcome: slight edge for Biden for providing the only honest human emotion of the night.
Overall: Neither delf-destructed, which, given Obama's lead, means he (and the rest of us) are the winners.

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