Monday, October 27, 2008

Stevens (R-Alaska) Guilty of Corruption

Do get the feeling that, increasingly, the term "corrupt Republican" is a redundancy?

Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens was convicted today of lying on financial disclosure forms to hide tens of thousands of dollars in gifts and renovations to his Alaska home that were financed mostly by a powerful business executive and his oil services company.

Schadenfreude reigns as Mr. Bridge-to-Nowhere is found to be as venal in his personal life as he was in his public.

But, happy giggles by liberals aside, Stevens' conviction has important implications for the upcoming election.

The news that Ted Stevens has been found guilty on all charges in his federal corruption trial badly imperils any lingering chance that the long-time Alaska Republican Senator had at winning reelection in eight days time.

It's hard to imagine worse timing for the Stevens' conviction to be announced -- roughly one week before he faces Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich in a race long targeted by national Democrats as a takeover opportunity.

This was one of the races Dems need in order to achieve that magic filibuster-proof 60 seats in the Senate. So far, so good.

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