Saturday, May 27, 2006

Angelides for Governor

My initial gut-reaction (Stephen Colbert would be so proud) to the Phil Angelides v. Steve Westly has been this: that of a principled liberal (Angelides) versus a Pro-corporate (as is typical in Washington these days) Democrat.

And what I've learned since has only confirmed my view.

Now we learn that Westly is just the man the corporations would love to see run against Schwarzenegger. From their point of view it would be win/win: which ever guy wins he'll still be in their pockets.

From the LA Times:

SACRAMENTO — Controller Steve Westly aided retailer Barnes & Noble's fight to avoid a multimillion-dollar California tax bill at the same time he was arranging a fundraiser at the chain's East Coast headquarters.

Using his position on a state tax board, Westly joined Barnes & Noble's push in 2004 to be forgiven as much as $22.8 million in sales taxes, interest and penalties — money owed for years of not collecting sales tax on goods sold online. Westly, a Democrat, has been campaigning for governor as an opponent of corporate tax loopholes.

Ah good ol' business as usual: say one thing, do another.
And even better than the corruption is his campaign's obliviousness:
Westly spokesman Yusef Robb said it was appropriate for the controller to enlist Barnes & Noble in his quest for campaign cash while lobbying California's tax board to settle the case. "Why shouldn't he?" Robb said.

Yes, why not indeed?

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1 comment:

MM Sierra said...

Why the hell doesn't Phil Angelides say something about UC compensation ?
He should make a major campaign abainst current UC compensation misconduct.

Why doesn't he remind Latino voters about the governors endorsement of the Minutmen red-necks?
He might also look into the governors past "board membership" in US English, an english only organization. They had some extreme proposals for restricting non English sepakers.

Make a little noise, Phil