Friday, May 05, 2006

Just a co-incidence, ahem

I'm well aware that co-incidence doesn't necessarily imply causation, but jeez, look at this time line.

A few days ago, CIA director Porter Goss is alleged to be implicated in Hookergate, the continuation of the whole Cunningham, MZM, Mitchell Wade corruption fiasco.

Next day, he categorily denies participation in the Dukester's hooker poker parties at the Watergate (for Chrissake) and another DC area hotel.

Today, CIA director Porter Goss resigned without explanation.

Hmmmm. I'm sure he just wants to spend more time at home eavesdropping on his own family.

The thing that pisses me off: the Washington Post story doesn't even allude to the possibility that Goss has been implicated in scandal.

And I can understand they don't want to imply causation, but how can they not even mention it? Even buried somewhere in the 17th paragraph?

As you might expect, the blogosphere has not been nearly so circumspect.

Expect to hear A LOT MORE on the topic.

[Update: Josh Marshall has a great summation of the story as we know it so far]

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