Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More Al Gore

Great new article on Gore in New York Magazine.

It's long, but extremely insightful and well worth the time if you are interested in this country's, this world's future.

I'm not going to reprint or really write much about it at the mo', you should just go read the thing. But one paragraph discussing the politics of a Gore 2008 primary race struck me as possibly prophetic:

No surprise, then, that the prospect of Gore redux is causing queasiness in the Clinton ranks. For some time, the thinking there has been that only two potential candidates have the capacity to toss the chessboard in the air, altering Team Hillary’s carefully calibrated plans: Barack Obama and Gore. And it is Gore who would produce the biggest fits—not least because he would bring to the surface all the old internecine rivalries and interfamilial weirdness of the Clinton years. [Emphasis mine-SK]

Gore/Obama in 2008? It's something to think about.

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