Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bayh out, Edwards in

I've mostly shied away from talking too extensively about 2008, but I wanted to take note of Sen. Evan Bayh's announcement that he would not be seeking the 2008 Democratic nomination, as well as John Edward's spokesman's intimation that he will.

Clearly this is an example of the Obama effect of clearing out second tier candidates, at least those who haven't already been infected by the presidential campaign virus.

I call this the Obama effect rather than the Clinton/Obama effect because Hillary's been running since she cleared out the first lady's suite in 2000.

That 600 lb. gorilla's been in the room for 6 years, and didn't deter feelers from potential Bayh, Feingold or Warner campaigns.

But while a plausible case can be made for running against one gorilla, as the anti-gorilla candidate, who in their right mind would want to run against two?

And while Obama may not be up to 600 lbs. yet, I hear he's on one of those all-carb diets so loved by growing sumo wrestlers.

Though it doesn't show in his face.

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