Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Conservative dog slapped on nose

I caught this quote the other day but didn't comment on it, though it truly deserves some.

This is conservative columnist John Derbyshire whining on his blog ay the conservative National Review:

"My health insurer has just notified me, in a brief form letter, that my monthly premiums are to rise from $472.33 to $857.00 on January 1st. That's an increase of 81 percent. ***E*I*G*H*T*Y*-*O*N*E* *P*E*R*C*E*N*T*** Can they do that? I called them. They sound pretty confident they can. Ye gods!"

He seems to have the hurt expression a dog gets when its master slaps its nose with a newspaper for (to the dog) no good reason.

Dontcha just love it when the vaunted free market's "invisible hand" slaps one of its own?

Blogging at Obsidian Wings, hilzoy has a nice rundown of some of the reaction and a few trenchant remarks herself.

Go read them here.

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