Friday, December 22, 2006

Silence of the wingnuts

I remarked yesterday on the deafening silence with which the anti-American letter from congressman Virgil H. Goode Jr. (R-Dark Ages) was greeted.

So before I go about the rest of the day, a round of golf, a little shopping, a little tree trimming, I thought I'd spend some time poking around the blogosphere checking out how the major conservative blogs were reacting to this outrage against the American way of life.

Here goes.

(All times PST)

9:39AM-First let's peek in to the Captain's Quarters. Let's see...UN Corruption...North Korea...A blog about a NYTop-ed about an older NYT op-ed (how meta is that?)...Iraqi extremists. OK, so nothing from the Captain, but then he's all involved in The Big Picture. Obviously he wouldn't waste his time on anything so petty. Ah, but what's this post on Sandy Berger?

p9:44AM-Hugh Hewitt. Christmas and war! Hooray a winger's wet dream...A little link pandering (not that there's amuthing wrong with that)...Iran IN Afghanistan?!...2008 elections...Terror Alert! Terror Alert! Nevermind, that was thursday, in London. Guess Hugh's got better things to do as well.

9:50AM-Surely the boys at Powerline have something...Duke Lacrosse? Are you f***ing kidding?...Columbia Minutemen? (what month is this?)...WWII. Battle of the Bulge, gosh it looked bad for us then too...Finally a mention. Although the article's about Ellison...and CNN...and contradicts itself...Money quote:

I personally don't think that the issue of Ellison taking his oath of office on the Koran is a good one for conservatives to emphasize.
Ya think?

Moving on.

10:00AM-Red totally blank?

10:01AM-Professor Bainbridge..all right even I'm getting bored...Wine is good for you, great, but why am I craving vodka?...Donald v. Rosie, talk about lose/lose...Peanuts vid!...Harry Potter...Martha Stewart (yawn)...Yay good news for smaller mega-corps!...Surge, Prof's take: We don't need no stinking generals...

OK kids. I'd love to do more, but a half-hour of my life is about all I can stand nosing through the wingnutosphere.

I'll leave you with a question, if a wingnut congressman blatently espouses religious bigotry and other wingnuts ignore it, does it still make a sound?

Have a happy.

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