Monday, August 01, 2005

Back in the saddle again

Mrs. Caliblogger and I had to take an emergency vacation (don't ask) last week and have been incommunicado for a few days, so what's been going on?

Apparently Bill Frist really is planning on running for president. Showing what passes for true presidential mettle these days, Dr. Frist demonstrates that he can pander to the middle (stem cell research) as well as he can to the wingnut right (Schiavo). After Bush vetos the bill, perhaps he can then claim to have voted for it before he voted against it. Worked wonders for Kerry.

And people wonder why it's nigh impossible for a Senator to be elected president.

Meanwhile, in other Republican pandering news, NY Gov. George Pataki plans on vetoing a bill allowing pharmacists to dispense the morning after pill without a script. How GOPers can be against abortion, and yet resist birth control is almost beyond me, except when you realize what they're really afraid of - sex.

Unless it's closeted sex of course. Closeted gay sex (not that there's anything wrong with that). Speaking of which Jeff/James Gannon/Guckerts bestest butt-buddy, Karl Rove, is still hanging on to his position (doggy I believe) at the White House where he continues to have Bush's "complete confidence". Which support he'll continue to enjoy up until the special prosecutor busts his sorry, saggy ass for obstruction. Enjoy your stay at Club Fed Karl baby, but be careful who you drop your soap around.

And speaking of Bush cohorts, how sad is it that our newly minted UN ambassador, JOhn Bolton, goes to work without actually having his government's support, having failed to gain confirmation in the REPUBLICAN controlled Senate?

Ah, it's great to get back to "civilization".

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