Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Biggest Lie About Iraq

Some think BushCorp™'s lies about WMD represent the most reprehensible dissembling associated with the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Others believe that the worst BushCorp™ misconduct lies in its failure to adequately plan for post-occupation contingencies.

But as Iraq continues to struggle in an effort to agree on a constitution, I've been wondering whether we ever learn anything at all.

When so many of the problems faced by the world to day have their roots in efforts by foreign powers to impose their will on local populations, why do we still keep trying?

The miserable history of European colonization is still being suffered all over the globe and yet we still try to impose our ideals on native populations, a significant portion of which will always resist such an imposition, simply because it is being imposed by a foreign power.

The big lie about Iraq, fashionable in even some progressive circles, is that the US could have suceeded in Iraq had it used a larger army and imposed stricter security measures quickly.

But since no effort short of enslaving or killing the entire Iraqi population would have prevented a segment of that population from violently opposing the US presence, the effort was doomed from its inception to quagmire and international hostility.

And no amount of planning or troop strength can change that.

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