Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Liars and fools

Much has been written regarding the BushCorp™ minions which mislead us (some might even say lied us) into the quagmire in Iraq. Much less has been written (one guess as to why) about the media enablers who aided and abetted BushCorp™'s march to war.

Harold Meyerson does us all the favor of running down five of the worst media war-mongers:

For its war in Iraq, the Bush administration relied on and benefited from the cheerleading of a group of pundits and public intellectuals who, at every crucial moment, subordinated the facts on the ground to their own ideological preferences and those of their allies within the administration. They refused to hold the administration’s conduct of the war and the occupation to the ideals that they themselves professed, or simply to the standard of common sense. They abdicated their responsibilities as political intellectuals -- and, more elementally, as reliable empiricists.

I strongly recommend reading his entire and informative article to witness the full range of folly perpetrated by this gang of five, but as a public service here's the list so that any unwitting readers be forewarned: Here there be liars and fools.

The five:

- William Kristol: The Strategist
- Charles Krauthammer: W.’s Maggie
- Victor Davis Hanson: The Analogist Apologist
- Thomas L. Friedman: The Enabler
- Christopher Hitchens: Trotsky in Baghdad

More names could be added of course, jailbird Judith Miller for example, but be that as it may, the above listed have sacrificed whatever credibility they may once have deserved in service to W's war, and the discerning reader should be suitably cautious as to the veracity of their future scribblings.

(Thanks to DC Media Girl for the heads up on this article).

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