Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A reason for HuffingtonPost to exist

A year and a half ago, any number of bloggers were, shall we say, a wee bit hostile to the creation of Huffingtonpost.

Arianna and her coterie of celeb dilettantes were going to destroy the populist heroism of the blogosphere. There goes the neighborhood.

Or something like that.

But that was never your CaliBlogger's belief. I welcome the cacophony of voices found on the internets. Even those of the (typically semi-) famous.

But today HuffPo published an article which I posit makes its entire existence, though it were 'til now entirely quisquilious*, yet absolutely worthwhile:

Steve Martin on Hussein's death:

Oh, my Saddam, how I loved your funny little ways. The way you held your teacup; the way you enjoyed those who coaxed a smile from you. I love that you found a way to exist in this mixed up world, how you thought, "why be mean when you can be nice?" Saddam, I will miss the way you would point to someone and then they would be dead, the way your puppy Pluto became a rug.

Yes, it's all been worth it after all.

*I love on-line dictionaries.

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