Saturday, January 27, 2007

Worser and worser

After earlier denials, the Pentagon has now confirmed that 4 of 5 American soldiers first reported killed on January 20 of this year had been kidnapped:

In perhaps the boldest and most sophisticated attack in four years of warfare, gunmen speaking English, wearing U.S. military uniforms and carrying American weapons abducted four U.S. soldiers last week at the provincial headquarters in the Shiite holy city of Karbala and then shot them to death.

The U.S. military confirmed a report earlier Friday by the Associated Press that three of the soldiers were dead and one was mortally wounded with a gunshot to the head when they were found in a neighboring province, about 25 miles from the compound where they were captured. A fifth soldier was killed in the initial attack on the compound. [Emphasis mine-CK]

I can't tell from reports whether this was an intended kidnap-for-profit gone awry, or whether the kidnappers were planning to use the soldier hostages for more politcal ends, but it occurs to me regardless that by increasing troop levels we're also providing more targets for such acts.

And it's apparently not bad enough that US soldiers on the ground can't determine friend from foe because thay all come from the same population, now they can't tell friend from foe because they're wearing US uniforms and carrying American weapons.

But still, according to BushCorp™, those opposing his mis-guided escalation are the ones aiding and abetting "the enemy".

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