Thursday, January 18, 2007

Worst person in the world

Frequent visitor to Keith Olbermann's Worst Person in the World list, Bill O’Reilly, has surely topped himself this time, suggesting that teen (he was 11 when he was 1st abducted) kidnap victim Shawn Hornbeck must have enjoyed his captivity.

From The Angry Independent (h/t to Pete Abel):

Bill O’Reilly stated on his program that Shawn’s “experience in captivity was fun"….and that "he liked it”. According to O’Reilly, Shawn Hornbeck enjoyed being victimized by his captor…. A man who will go down in history as one of the worst child predators of all time.

O'Reilly was asserting that since Hornbeck did not try to get away.... he must have liked it.

Please contact Fox and ask them to make the bad man go away.


Crooks and Liars has the video.

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