Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Another reason to hate Microsoft

As if we needed one.

You'd think producing the world's buggiest software, and dominating the market so as to eliminate alternatives would be enough to assure Microsoft's special file folder in hell.

But lately the company which makes enormous hay from trumpeting its progressive (for a huge mega-corp anyway) values has shown its real allegiance by opposing equal rights for Washington state gays and lesbians.

And now we know why.

Americablog has learned that Microsoft has had radical right pretty-boy Ralph Reed on retainer at $20k/month since 1998. Microsoft's goal was apparently to get Reed's help in lobbying Bush (for whom he was employed at the time, is that legal?) to step back from the then pending anti-trust lawsuit against MS.

Clearly Mr. Reed's advice is that to further its corporate goals MicroSoft needs to get on the right side of the religious right which holds the strings at BushCorp™.

And the amoral greedheads at MS seem only too willing to comply.

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