Saturday, April 09, 2005


Just riffing on a comment I made over at kos.

You may recall that Chimpy and the Republighoul's second favorite catchphrase (after culture of life - see below) is the ownership society.

The Republican idea is that if you own stuff you have to take care of it and will, therefore, become a more responsible human being. Sounds good.

But everybody already owns SOME stuff, and look at how fucked up we all are. So simple ownership isn't enough, it also matters WHAT you own.

It stands to reason then, that the more important the stuff you own, the more responsible you'll be. Someone who owns a car has to be more responsible than someone who owns a bicycle (I know, Iknow, emissions, traffic, limited resources and all that, but I'm working with Republican reasoning here). Someone who owns a business is more responsible than someone who owns a home, etc.

So, to realize the Republican ideal, we must seek to make everyone owners of the most important stuff in America, the factories, the land, the intellectual property, in other words the capital assets of the entire country.

A century ago they might have called this stuff the "means of production".

So here's the Republican idea of an ownership society: that everyone (let's call them the people) should own all the stuff really worth owning (let's call this stuff the means of production).

Of course, like all Repulighoul ideas, this one is hardly original. It was hypothesized over a century ago. It might most accurately called Marxism, but communism will do.

So there you have it, Republicans are communists.

Damn pinkos!

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