Thursday, April 14, 2005

A Glitch in the matrix?

Compare two stories, this:

Twin suicide bombings on Israeli buses kill 16
By Steven Scheer

BEERSHEBA, Israel (Reuters) - Palestinian suicide bombers killed at least 16 people in simultaneous attacks on two Israeli buses on Tuesday, breaking a long lull in suchviolence and threatening to disrupt an Israeli plan to pull out of Gaza.

The bombings by the militant Islamic group Hamas in the southern city of Beersheba were the first in Israel since March and the deadliest since last October. They showed thatHamas was not a spent force, even after repeated Israeli assassinations of its leaders and the building of a West Bank barrier.
and this:
Two bus blasts in southern Israel kill 16


Associated Press

BEERSHEBA, Israel - Palestinian suicide bombers blew up two buses in this Israeli desert city Tuesday, killing 16 passengers and wounding more than 80 in an attack that ended a six-month lull in violence.

The buses exploded into flames just seconds apart and about 100 yards away from each other in the center of Beersheba - the deadliest suicide strike in nearly a year.
So my point? Some quibble about Reuters versus AP writing style? Hardly.

My point: The first story has this dateline: April 15, 2005 6:35 AM, and the second has this: Posted on Tue, Aug. 31, 2004!?

The 4/15/05 Reuters post is of a story over 8 months old!

Now the rational part of me knows this is just an in-house foul-up and that a file accidently got sent to Reuters' wire-service subscribers and got picked up by the Google algorithms.

The tinfoil hat part of me wants to scream at this as evidence of corporate news manipulation: how do you know what's real if everybody's lying?! Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!


Life is but a dream from which we all must wake.

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