Monday, May 02, 2005

BushCorp™ Adventurism Reduces Military Readiness

It must signify some weakness of character, but I still register shock when a government official acknowledges a fact that is patently obvious to anyone paying the least attention.

From the LA Times:

WASHINGTON — The strains imposed by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have made it far more difficult for the U.S. military to beat back new acts of aggression, launch a pre-emptive strike or prevent conflict in another part of the world, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff concluded in a classified analysis presented to Congress today.

In a sober assessment of the Pentagon's ability to deal with global threats, Air Force Gen. Richard B. Myers concluded that the American military is at greater risk this year than last year of being unable to properly execute the missions for which it must prepare around the globe.

The assessment stated that the military is at "significant risk" of being unable to prevail against enemies abroad in the manner that Pentagon war plans mandate.
Imagine that, over-extending US forces with our unneccesary excursion into Iraq has reduced US military readiness for places where it might actually be needed. Yes, even with a military budget equalling that of the rest of the world combined, U.S. military strength is still limited. Duh.

So, not only has the ChickenHawk's grand scheme alienated the rest of the world, increased terrorism and cost the lives of tens of thousands of people (I'm inclined to stop differentiating between an innocent American life and an innocent other life), America's military readiness as a whole has been compromised.

Now this news may not be wholly bad as it might serve to discourage similar adventures in the future. But the last I looked, the world truly is not a safe, and U.S. military might conceivably be necessary. This is just more evidence that BushCorp™'s illegally engaged and stupidly conducted invasion of Iraq further endangers the homeland it was sworn to protect.

p.s. Do you feel a draft?

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