Friday, May 06, 2005

Monkey Trial Part II

Never mind that in the year of our Lord 2005, the validity of evolutionary theory is being debated at all. Scopes II, being argued by the Kansas City school board, should be seen as a disaster for conservatives. From the WaPo article:

In 1999, the Kansas State Board of Education, with a conservative majority _ which included Abrams _ deleted most references to evolution in the science standards. The next election led to a less conservative board, which adopted the current standards describing evolution as a key concept for students to learn before graduating high school.

Last year, conservatives captured a majority again, and many scientists fear the board will adopt revisions supported by intelligent design advocates. [Emphasis mine]

Were I a rational conservative I would be screaming like hell at these folks who are basically turning "conservative" into "flat-earther". As a progressive, I can only applaud the association.

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