Thursday, April 26, 2007

An elevator pitch on Iraq

An elevator pitch is a type of sales tool designed to present whatever you are selling, yourself, a product, an idea, in a clear concise manner, as during a happenstance elevator encounter.

Andrew Sullivan, as channeled by Kevin Drum, has an excellent and brief presentation as to why we should get out Iraq:

[W]e are "occupying a sovereign Muslim country indefinitely, against the wishes of a clear majority of Iraqis, [and Americans]," a project with little chance of success and considerable chance of creating ever more problems as long as it continues.


So we should leave. Soon. Let the Shia and tribal leaders and the Kurds confront al Qaeda. It's about time they did. And they have as good a reason as we do and far better knowledge of the enemy and the terrain. Until they own this war against Islamist terror, it won't be won. And by continuing to stay, we postpone the day when they have to fight for their own country and their own religion — and win the war we cannot win for them.

Memorize these two brief paragraphs and you will forever be ready for any circumstance where a GOP talking point spouting wingnut besmogs the air with BushCorp™ inanities in your presence.

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