Sunday, April 29, 2007

Terror attacks up 29%

More statistical confirmation of stuff you already knew: It seems that not only is BushCorp™'s approach to the Global War on Terror, or what ever they call it these days, not only is not helping combat the incidence of terror attacks, it's actually making them worse, a lot worse. From McClatchy:

A State Department report on terrorism due out next week will show a nearly 30 percent increase in terrorist attacks worldwide in 2006 to more than 14,000, almost all of the boost due to growing violence in Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. officials said Friday.


Based on data compiled by the U.S. intelligence community's National Counterterrorism Center, the report says there were 14,338 terrorist attacks last year, up 29 percent from 11,111 attacks in 2005.

Forty-five percent of the attacks were in Iraq.

Bushies, of course, rather than seeing such carnage as confirmation of their abject failure, contend such numbers prove their contention that Iraq is, indeed, the central front of the war on terror.

Well, sure it is, now.

And for their brain dead base, perhaps that's enough.

Those of us possessing long term memories and the capacity for rational thought note that it's the US invasion that has made it so in Iraq.

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