Monday, April 02, 2007

Today in BushCorp™ hackery

Gosh, it's been practically hours since the last revelation about the corporate/Christianist hackery which passes for government at BushCorp™.

Well, time to get started again.

Today the Supreme Court slapped down the BushCorp™ version of the Environmental Protection Agency by ruling that it has a duty to regulate auto and other emissions that contribute to global warming.

Now, I know, I know, you're thinking, "but it's the EPA, what else would they do?"

Funny story, but if the Bush appointees currently running the agency had their way, the answer would be: nothing.

That's how it works with the Bushies.

Corporations don't like environmental regulations, it's like charging them for the rape of the earth, abhorrent idea! And the Bush variety of Christian, since they're about to be raptured up to heaven anyway, have no care for what shape we leave the earth in, it's only us sinners who'll be left behind after all.

So what do you do with an agency whose existence is antithetical to your 2 main constituencies? An agency you can't just shut down because of the political costs from the non-greedhead, non-insane portion of the voting public?

You appoint folks from the very industries the agency is meant to regulate and pay them to not do the stuff you don't want them to do, and that they and the industries to whom they'll return after their terms in office don't want them to do either.

And what about areas financed by the Federal government, but that don't have any regulatory power, how does a good Bushie eff those up?

Privatize, privatize, privatize.

Such is the case with our national museum, the Smithsonian.

Guided by corporate hack, the lately departed (from the job, not the earth) and unlamented Lawrence M. Small oversaw the "Disneyfication" of an institution which was once seen as the embodiment of the US' commitment to science and learning.

The questionable deals and values of the Business Ventures Unit that Small promoted have tainted and compromised the Smithsonian without generating any significant increases in income over the past seven years. An obsession with protecting congressional support and appropriations led to the censoring of exhibitions and the avoidance of "controversial" topics, while the desire to create a high-volume tourist destination meant that content was dumbed down and interpretive themes were oversimplified.

Go read the gory details, but the point is, to Bushies, science doesn't matter, objective reality doesn't matter. For them, if the truth is inconvenient, they ignore it, defund it, and airbrush it away.

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