Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Your CaliBlogger's LTE published in the LA Times

Since I started blogging I don't write as many LTEs as I used to, saving my wit and wisdom for the extremely exclusive group that makes up my readership.

However, on occasion, I feel moved to share a bit with the wider world, out of pity for ignorance of course.


From the April 2, 2007 edition of the LA Times (second from the top):

Re "Endgame on Iraq," editorial, March 29

In your argument against the congressional timelines being set for a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, you agree with Bush when he states: "It makes no sense for politicians in Washington, D.C., to be dictating arbitrary timelines for our military commanders in a war zone 6,000 miles away."

If you consider that statement valid because of the distance between the war zone and Washington, what account do you take of the distance between this administration and reality? One could well argue that distance is an expanse that exceeds mere miles.

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