Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Another GOP poster boy

I feel so honored.

None other than Kos himself is running with my idea to put more wingnuts in the spotlight, the idea being that the better the public gets to know these wackjobs the better for us all.

Kos' honoree is fascist conservative Michael Savage, who's considering a run for president.

You can find Mr. Savage's blatherings with a google search of your own if you have the stomach for it. Bur Kos has some exciting news:

A web poll on his site asks whether he should run for the presidency. There are close to 3 million votes. He claims he'll pull the trigger at 5 million.

Mr. Savage is now at 3.02 million so be sure to click the link and vote to send this guy into the Republican primaries. It's time the mouth breathing crowd got the candidate they deserve.

P.s. As the old Chicagoland saying goes: vote and vote often, just hit the back button on your browser to vote as many times as you like.

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