Monday, March 05, 2007

Support Ann Coulter(?!)

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I am, shall we say, no fan of Ann Coulter's.

But the uproar about her latest vile screed at the CPAC convention has got me t' thinkin'.

Mixed with the well deserved criticism resounding around both left and right blogistan have been calls for the various networks and newspapers who spread her poisonous views to shun our darling Ann.

And while I can viscerally agree with this stance, and as disagreable as the thought of further success for her continuing efforts at self-promotion is to me, still I have to wonder, aren't we on left really better off having her as the face of the Republican party?

This thought was sparked, in part, by an article by Bill Scher [h/t to digby], who's been blogging CPAC. Scher's main point is that, despite the mushy Common Wisdom about Democrats' problems with the religious community, they're nothing compared with Republican's problems with the secular.

Lots of ink has been spilled about how Democrats and liberals suffer from a "religion problem" -- a perceived hostility towards Christianity and religion in general. But Pew Research Center exit poll data from the 2006 midterm elections shows the opposite.

Democrats crushed Republicans among secular voters, broadly defined as those who attend church seldom (favoring Democrats 60% to 38%) or never (67% to 30%). Republicans retained strong support among those who attend church more than weekly. But among those who only go weekly -- the larger portion of the religious vote -- the Republican lead shrunk from 15 points to 7.

In short, Republicans failed to be competitive among secular voters, while Democrats were at least competitive among regular churchgoers. And since the secular vote is roughly equal to the regular churchgoing vote, according to the last several national election exit polls, that means Republicans and their conservative base have a far bigger secular problem than their rivals have a religion problem.

Republican depredations over the last few years (think Teri Schiavo) have finally managed to impinge on the consciousness of middle America.

I say, let's keep the ball rolling. I want MORE Ann Coulter, not less.

Instead of emailing CNN's advertisers to complain, write instead to demand more of her, the true face of the Republican party.

Let everyone you know that, however you disagree with her, you appreciate just how much her unabashed expression of the true conservative spirit, speaking, as she does, the truths so many GOPers keep hidden from the light of day.

Let's make Ann Coulter the postergirl for the Republican party.

And I know, it'll be difficult knowing that you're both making her even richer, while also making her Little Green Fetishists soil themselves with glee.

But think.

With any luck we'll get a few more years of hate from her before she falls into the event horizon of the black hole that is her soul.

And she can suck the GOP in along with her.

So along with all the other good works in which you are no doubt engaged, ask yourself, what can I do today to get Ann Coulter more airtime?

You'll be glad you did.

[Update: Congratulations to the folks at Daily Kos whose efforts have gotten several advertisers to drop their spots on AC's website. That's the spirit! Now she'll need to write another book and whore it on the Today Show. Remember, the more we see AC, the better for America!]

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