Monday, March 05, 2007

The Lost Tomb of Jesus

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Some thoughts on the much anticipated (for the last week anyway) documentary.

Am I the only one who thinks that someone attempting to debunk essential Christian mythology shouldn't be pretending that he's not doing just that?

I mean buddy, I've lived the past 6 years under George Bush, I know disingenuous when I see it.

Using the hoary, "will the patinas match up?, answers after the commercial break" formula seems just a tad hackneyed.

Big problem, those of us who might be convinced that Christian mythology is a myth don't really need convinced, and those who might need to be convinced won't be.

Still, that said, raising a question for further scientific study isn't a bad thing generally.

More interesting was the after show analysis with Ted Koppel.

What's Ted's problem with re-enactments? Has he never seen a Discovery Channel show before? Has he never "watched" Homo Habilus building a campfire to roast marrow bones?

Regarding huffy agnostic archeologists who claim they have no dog in this fight: well, except that the archeological community has been sitting on this story for 26 years without comment and is then one-upped by a hack documentarian. No dog? Hardly.

Regarding theologians insisting that the problem with the film is that it doesn't provide for ample critical review: as opposed to EVERY SERMON EVER DELIVERED?

Final thought: anything that is bound to piss off fundamentalist Christians can't be all bad.

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