Monday, March 26, 2007

Breaking: New Scandal at the GSA

So many scandals, so little time.

I have to run off for a morning meeting, but I couldn't let pass this article in the Washington Post: GSA Chief Is Accused of Playing Politics.

You have to read fairly deep into the article to get the details of no-bid contracts for friends, and irresponsible renewal of overpriced sorporate contracts, but I wanted to make a brief comment on the last paragraph article.

"There was no undue influence in the award of the Sun Microsystems renewal contract," she [GSA Administrator Doan] wrote to Waxman. "I had no role whatsoever in any personnel actions involving anyone involved in those contract negotiations."

Indeed. A la Scooter Libby and Kyle Sampson, it was no doubt all her chief of staff's fault.

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