Monday, March 05, 2007

Hume: Walter Reed problems make Bush look bad

Um yeah, I suppose that IS the real problem. Via Think Progress:

This morning on Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume spoke about the Walter Reed scandal in entirely political terms, saying “the problem” is that it “looks terrible” for the administration.

To her credit NPR's Mara Liasson points out that subhuman conditions at a veteran's hospital might be something more than a mere PR problem:

I think, you know, to say it looks bad, it also is bad. Those pictures were horrible. These are people — nobody who is being treated for any kind of injury should have to live in that condition, let alone people who just fought in a war for our country.

Ah Mara, your hearts in the right place, but what makes you think a Fox Noise commentator would be any human interest story that doesn't involve comely blond girls?

Check out Think Progress for the video.

[H/t to Atrios who, y'know, needs the link]

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